• Provisional  affiliation received from Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS).


     ( No 2602 /Ac-A / kuhs /2012  Academic I Branch   Dated, Thrissur : 29/09/2016 )


  • Essentiality Certificate from Department of Health and Family Welfare, GOVT of Kerala.
  •        (No. 40551/S3/2014 (H&FWD)     Date:29.08.2014)
                 (No. 140/S3/2016 (H&FWD)     Date:07.07.2016)
  • Kerala Medical College Has Received The Letter Of Permission From  Government Of India,

      Order No.U-12011/13/2016 –ME-I Dated 20th Aug 2016 to Strat Admission for 150 Students for the Academic Year 2016-2017